Collegedale Community Church

Wedding Reservation Request

Collegedale Community Church is honored to participate in the events surrounding your wedding and welcomes the opportunity to be part of this important day in your lives. As a church, we place a great deal of value on the institution of marriage and want to affirm the positive aspects leading to the joining of two lives. All couples preparing for marriage are encouraged to go through premarital counseling. We hope every effort is made for this counseling as it establishes a strong foundation from the very beginning.

Reservation Process

  1. Application and security deposit submitted to the Event Coordinator for processing and approval.
  2. Confirmation sent via email. Your Reservation is confirmed ONLY when the completed application and Security Deposit is received by CCC Event Coordinator and approval given in writing for the date requested. We are unable to take verbal reservations and reserve all rights to scheduling.
  3. A meeting with Bride/Groom/Wedding Coordinator and CCC Event Coordinator no later than (45) forty-five days prior to wedding day to collect all rental fees due and confirm your plans.

Live Webcast of your Wedding

Do you want a Live Webcast so that your friends and family (who won’t be able to attend the wedding in person) can watch it live on their computer or iPhone?

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