Collegedale Community Church

Our counseling ministry offers a broad range of counseling and psychological services to the Collegedale community. Both members and non-members are welcome to access our services. We will provide emotional, psychological, and spiritual support to individuals and families at the highest professional stands consistent with Christian faith and practice.

We can address a variety of concerns: depression, anxiety, relationship issues, guilt, shame, grief, unhealthy habits, sexual trauma, pre-marital counseling, and spiritual struggles.  If presenting problems are outside our expertise, we will gladly assist you in finding the services you need.

The counselors are not employed by the church.  They are professional, independent licensed therapists willing to share their giftedness to provide the care you need.  All information shared during counseling is confidential. Collegedale Community Church or its staff has no access to any communication between therapist and client.

Michael Merriweather MA, NCC, BCPC

EMDR Certified

Michael specializes in couples therapy, grief recovery, trauma, depression, and anxiety. With over 40 years’ experience as a holistic mental health therapist, Michael focuses on targeting ineffective behaviors, poor coping skills and habits that interfere with living a positive and fulfilling life.

Michael is passionate about providing assistance to help clients reach their goals and heal from any issues that interfere with living their best life.  His approach to treatment embraces the whole person–Mind, Body, and Soul.

Stanley Stevenson MA, LMSW

Stanley Stevenson

Stanley’s area of special interest is working with individuals, couples, and families to discover ways to thrive. He collaborates with clients experiencing depression, anxiety, and grief as they find healthier coping strategies.  Stanley is especially committed to working with people in domestic abuse relationships.

Stanley worked in the School of Social Work at Southern Adventist University for over ten years where he taught courses including counseling, marriage and family, death and dying, and human sexuality.

Julie Ruminson-Dias

MA Counseling Intern in Psychology and Wellness

Julie Ruminson-Dias

Julie considers it an honor to connect with and accompany people of all ages on their paths of healing, growth, and change. It takes courage to pursue counseling amid unexpected and painful challenges. We often need an outside perspective to negotiate a new path forward. 

She aims to create a safe space, through empathy and compassion, where you can share your story.  Julie will cooperate with you to resolve difficulties in the physical, emotional,mental, and spiritual areas of your life.

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