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The Collegedale Community Church established a community brand, abstract logo to be used to promote Collegedale Community Church and activities throughout the community. If you are interested in using thelogo, please review the following guidelines.


The graphic of a abstract image within a circle, with or without the tag line “Growing With God” is a trademark of the Collegedale Community Church (CCC).

To Download The LOGO:
Right-click the image above and choose “Save Image As”.
Use of LOGO:

The LOGO may be used for a program or project sponsored by the Collegedale Community Church OR in connection with the activities of a partnership or coalition involving Collegedale Community Church.

Presentation of LOGO:

The LOGO must be used in the format that appears on the website. No variations are acceptable in the presentation of the LOGO except as follows:


Full color ONLY as the LOGO appears on the website. To the extent possible, users should use the following Pantone colors: Green/Pantone 367 C or Pantone 367 U and Black, CMYK color C60 M0 Y100 K0 or RGB color R114 G191 B68


One color use of the LOGO is permitted ONLY if one of the following is used:


When one color is used, users should, to the extent possible, use the following Pantone colors:


    Green (Pantone 367C or 367U)

    The LOGO may be etched as part of an award or trophy.