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Collegedale Community is an evangelistic church. Our mission to the world is not to serve or please ourselves; we are to glorify God by co-operating with Him to save souls. Our worship service is always an evangelistic event centered in worshiping God through the preaching and teaching of His Word. Conference promotions, children's programs, religious liberty campaigns, communion service and a myriad of other activities that take up the worship hour in many Adventist Churches are done at vespers in ours. Our hope is that you will invite people to our worship service who do not know Christ or who need to have their faith strengthened.


Collegedale Community is an evangelistic church. We take the gospel commission of Jesus very seriously. He said to make disciples and that is our purpose. We consider discipling as being a relationship with the intention to lead someone to accept Christ as their Savior or to strengthen their experience if they know Him as Savior. Every person we come in contact with is someone to minister to. Consider that all people fit on this scale:

1 2 3 4 5  6 7 8 9 10

Numbers 1 through 5 represent the experience of someone who does not know Jesus as their Savior. (1 being the least interested, 5 being the most). The  represents accepting Christ as Savior. Numbers 6 through 10 represent the growth of someone who knows Christ as their Savior. Virtually every person we come in contact with is on this scale somewhere. It is our purpose to help them come to the Lord or to strengthen their faith if they know the Lord. Our goal is for every member of Collegedale Community to recognize that every person they come in contact with is someone to minister to.

Collegedale Community is an evangelistic church. Through radio, CDs and the internet, we want to be used by God to win millions of people around the world to Him. Locally we want to win the un-churched to Christ. It is our purpose to be the type of church that is 'real' and not pretentious, high minded and spiritually proud. We believe we are sinners saved by grace and it is our desire to cooperate with Jesus to create an environment where people can find forgiveness and acceptance.

Collegedale Community is an evangelistic church. There are many Adventist Churches in the area and it is not our desire to duplicate the services they offer. We advertise programs going on in the area churches and encourage people to attend those things that are most helpful to them. It is not our desire to build a kingdom here on earth, but to help get people to the kingdom of God.

Collegedale Community is an evangelistic church. We recognize that there are times in people's life when they need to 'sit' for a while and be ministered to. We do not pressure people by guilt or other means to fill positions in the church. The Sabbath Schools, greeters, deacons, deaconesses, tape ministry, and many other positions are staffed by people who are finding it fulfilling to serve God in those roles. If you have an interest in being involved in the church programs and ministries please contact Tom Hayes, our Pastor of Church Life, at 423.396.5464. He will gladly guide you through our process of matching desires, abilities and ministries.

Collegedale Community is an evangelistic church. We want to help you win your family, friends, work associates, neighbors, and casual acquaintances to the Lord. Please begin praying for these individuals and when prompted by the Spirit of God share a sermon CD that you think would be meaningful to them. If the response is favorable continue sharing with them until you believe it is the right time to invite them to church. Our prayer is that in church your loved one will experience God in a more meaningful way than they ever have and that they will commit their hearts to Him.

I look forward to becoming acquainted with you and joining you as we journey together to heaven. I thank you that you have chosen to become part of our church family. Always be encouraged knowing that the Lord will soon return. May we all be found in Him in peace when He appears!

Blessings, Pastor Jerry

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