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  1. Bulletin inserts will no longer be the norm, they will be the exception.
  2. Bulletin inserts must:
    1. Be submitted via an email to communications (at) CollegedaleCommunity (dot) com in a Word or pdf file no later than noon on Tuesday of the week you want to run the insert
    2. Have a defined start and stop date
    3. Purpose of the insert must be clearly stated
    4. Be approved by the Bulletin Editor, to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Priority will be given to mass market produced inserts, such as those promoting evangelistic series by well-known speakers, urgent church campaigns (such as recruiting to fill urgent needs in the children’s department), just because a bulletin meets the “criteria” listed here, does not guarantee that it will be used in the church bulletin.
    5. Designate who will be paying for the insert
    6. Be visually pleasing
    7. Make sure your bulletin insert includes who, what, when, where, how, contact information and a clearly stated purpose
    8. Recommendation: Before you spend a lot of time planning your insert, get approval first!