Collegedale Community Church

Bulletin Policies

Policy #1 – Meetings

Meeting announcements, regardless of the expected attendance at the meeting, shall not be included in the bulletin unless at least one of the following criteria are met:

  • The meeting is open to any and all members who may be at church. This may or may not include nonmembers attending.
  • There is no list of contacts for the members to whom the meeting is applicable, such that a notice cannot be sent individually to each expected or welcome attendee of the meeting.

Any announcements which do not meet one or both of these criteria will not be included in the bulletin. Requested exceptions should be submitted to the Communications Team in writing, including the text of the desired announcement, at

Policy #2 – Classifieds

Bulletin announcements may not be used for advertising a product, sale, service, or paid seminar in which the church has no direct interest or receives a direct monetary benefit less than 100% of the proceeds. Such announcements should state clearly how the proceeds will support the church and/or ministry supported by the church. (Disallowed examples: openings in assisted living facilities, rooms for rent, etc.)

Policy #3 – Formatting

All announcements shall be printed in the standard font style of the bulletin except that italics may be used as desired for emphasizing portions of the announcement and boldface text shall be used to highlight the heading text, and must appear in the first line. Punctuation marks shall not be used in multiples.

Policy #4 – Slides

Announcement slides shall be used only for urgent announcements that are of general interest. There shall be a maximum of 5 slides each week. The slides will be used in place of one of the pastors making announcements from the pulpit.

Bulletin Inserts

  1. Bulletin inserts will no longer be the norm, they will be the exception
  2. Bulletin inserts must:
    1. Be submitted via an email to communications (at) Collegedale Community (dot) com in a Word or pdf file no later than noon on Tuesday of the week you want to run the insert
    2. Have a defined start and stop date
    3. Purpose of the insert must be clearly stated
    4. Be approved by the Bulletin Editor, to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Priority will be given to mass market produced inserts, such as those promoting evangelistic series by well-known speakers, urgent church campaigns (such as recruiting to fill urgent needs in the children’s department), just because a bulletin meets the “criteria” listed here, does not guarantee that it will be used in the church bulletin.
    5. Designate who will be paying for the insert
    6. Be visually pleasing
    7. Make sure your bulletin insert includes who, what, when, where, how, contact information and a clearly stated purpose
    8. Recommendation: Before you spend a lot of time planning your insert, get approval first!

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