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Audio: Weekly Sermon

Title Scripture Speaker Date Series
Wrong Way Marshall Jim Lewellen 2017-09-09 General
Parable of the Sower Jerry Arnold 2017-09-02 General
The Busy Day Jerry Arnold 2017-08-26 General
The Return of Evil Jerry Arnold 2017-08-19 General
Compelling Proof Jerry Arnold 2017-08-12 General
A Polluted Well Jerry Arnold 2017-08-05 General
Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit Mark 3:28-29 Jerry Arnold 2017-07-29 General
Stand By Me Matthew 12:30 Jerry Arnold 2017-07-22 General
Steamrolling the Strongman Jerry Arnold 2017-07-15 General
From Awful to Awesome Jerry Arnold 2017-07-08 General
Song of the Pilgrims Jerry Arnold 2017-07-01 General
A Grainy Issue Jerry Arnold 2017-06-24 General
A Father's Love Jerry Arnold 2017-06-17 General
As It Is In Heaven Jerry Arnold 2017-06-10 General
Marriage: Looking for Love Jerry Arnold 2017-06-03 General
Marriage: Prolonged Delight? Jerry Arnold 2017-05-27 General
Right Wedding Wrong Marriage Jerry Arnold 2017-05-20 General
A Mother's Love Jerry Arnold 2017-05-13 General
Children in the Marketplace Jerry Arnold 2017-05-06 General
Can't See Everything Matthew 11:2-6 Jerry Arnold 2017-04-29 General
Mary Didn't Know Jerry Arnold 2017-04-15 General
The Last Laugh Jerry Arnold 2017-04-08 General
Living With The 'Old Bag' Jerry Arnold 2017-04-01 General
Dinner With A Sinner Jerry Arnold 2017-03-25 General
Dirt On The Doctors Jerry Arnold 2017-03-18 General
Deviled Ham Jerry Arnold 2017-03-11 General
The God Who Sees Jerry Arnold 2017-03-04 General
Sea of Tranquility Jerry Arnold 2017-02-25 General
It Takes Time Matthew 8:14-15 Jerry Arnold 2017-02-18 General
A Seat at the Table Jerry Arnold 2017-02-11 General
To The Core Jerry Arnold 2017-02-04 General
The Holy Life Jerry Arnold 2017-01-28 General
The Holy Spirit Jerry Arnold 2017-01-21 General
The Holy One Jerry Arnold 2017-01-14 General
The Holy Club Jerry Arnold 2017-01-07 General
Babylon: Dry Bones Jerry Arnold 2016-12-31 Babylon
Gifts for a King Jerry Arnold 2016-12-24 General
The Blessed Curse Stephanie Whitley-Ferguson 2016-12-17 General
Grace Giving Tom Hayes 2016-12-10 General
Something to Live For Jerry Arnold 2016-12-03 General
Gratitude Jerry Arnold 2016-11-26 General
The Writer's Inkhorn Jerry Arnold 2016-11-19 Babylon
Babylon: Image of Jealousy Jerry Arnold 2016-11-12 Babylon
The Sovereignty of God Jerry Arnold 2016-11-05 General
Babylon: Silent Sermons Jerry Arnold 2016-10-29 Babylon
Babylon: A Hazardous Task Jerry Arnold 2016-10-22 Babylon
Babylon: God Strengthens Jerry Arnold 2016-10-15 Babylon
The Rewards of Endurance Hebrews 12:1 Tom Hayes 2016-10-08 General
Babylon: Broken Bones Jerry Arnold 2016-10-01 Babylon
Babylon: Bigots & Atheists Jerry Arnold 2016-09-24 Babylon
Babylon: Big Bicuspids Part 2 Jerry Arnold 2016-09-10 Babylon
Babylon: Big Bicuspids Part 1 Jerry Arnold 2016-09-03 Babylon
Babylon: Busted Jerry Arnold 2016-08-27 Babylon
Babylon: Big Bummer Jerry Arnold 2016-08-20 Babylon
Babylon: Bow or Burn Jerry Arnold 2016-08-13 Babylon
Babylon: The Blessed Jerry Arnold 2016-08-06 Babylon
Babylon: The Battleground Jerry Arnold 2016-07-30 Babylon
Grace: There is an App for That James 1:19-21 Tom Hayes 2016-07-23 General
Babylon: The Brainwasher Jerry Arnold 2016-07-16 Babylon
Babylon: The Braggart Jerry Arnold 2016-07-09 Babylon
Babylon: The Beginning Jerry Arnold 2016-07-02 Babylon
Faith: Close Combat Jerry Arnold 2016-06-25 Faith
He Said Hesed - Brad Hyden Guest Speaker 2016-06-18 General
Ruckus At The Rock Stephanie Whitley-Ferguson 2016-06-11 General
Faith: Helmet of Salvation Jerry Arnold 2016-06-04 Faith
Faith: The Shield Jerry Arnold 2016-05-28 Faith
Faith: Happy Feet Jerry Arnold 2016-05-21 Faith
Faith: Chest Protector Jerry Arnold 2016-05-14 Faith
God Loves Mothers Jerry Arnold 2016-05-07 General
Faith: Aletha's Girdle Jerry Arnold 2016-04-30 Faith
Faith: The Kingdom of Darkness Jerry Arnold 2016-04-23 Faith
Faith: Panoply of God Jerry Arnold 2016-04-16 Faith
Faith: The Good Fight Jerry Arnold 2016-04-09 Faith
Faith: I Am Not What I Used To Be Jerry Arnold 2016-04-02 Faith
Like a Foolish Fowl Jerry Arnold 2016-03-26 General
Faith and Prayer Jerry Arnold 2016-03-19 Faith
Faith and Miracles Part 2 Jerry Arnold 2016-03-12 Faith
Faith and Miracles Part 1 Jerry Arnold 2016-03-05 Faith
Unforsaken - Brad Hyden Guest Speaker 2016-02-27 General
Faith And Unbelief Jerry Arnold 2016-02-20 Faith
Faith and Doubt Jerry Arnold 2016-02-13 Faith
Living With A Demon Jerry Arnold 2016-02-06 General
Faith and Works Jerry Arnold 2016-01-30 Faith
Faith to Faith Romans 1:16-17 Jerry Arnold 2016-01-23 Faith
Faith as a Mustard Seed Matthew 17:20 Jerry Arnold 2016-01-16 Faith
Biblical Faith Hebrews 11:1-3 Jerry Arnold 2016-01-09 Faith
Jeremiah 30: The Man Jerry Arnold 2016-01-02 Jeremiah
Birth, Burial and Bethlehem Jerry Arnold 2015-12-26 General
The Best Gift Tom Hayes 2015-12-19 General
Like a Shepherd Luke 2:8-20 Stephanie Whitley-Ferguson 2015-12-12 General
Mystery of Charity - Brad Hyden Guest Speaker 2015-12-05 General
Jeremiah 29: The Future Jeremiah 23:7-8 Jerry Arnold 2015-11-21 Jeremiah
Jeremiah 28: Our Righteousness Jeremiah 28 Jerry Arnold 2015-11-14 Jeremiah
Jeremiah 27: Scatteration Shepherds Jeremiah 23:1-8 Jerry Arnold 2015-11-07 Jeremiah
Jeremiah 26: Cedar Homes Part 5 Jeremiah 22 Jerry Arnold 2015-10-31 Jeremiah
Jeremiah 25: Cedar Homes Part 4 Jeremiah 22 Jerry Arnold 2015-10-24 Jeremiah
Catching Life - Brad Hyden John 1:9-13 Guest Speaker 2015-10-17 General
Jeremiah 24: Cedar Homes Part 3 Jeremiah 22 Jerry Arnold 2015-10-10 Jeremiah
Jeremiah 23: Cedar Homes Part 2 Jeremiah 22 Jerry Arnold 2015-10-03 Jeremiah
Jeremiah 22: Cedar Homes Part 1 Jeremiah 22 Jerry Arnold 2015-09-26 Jeremiah