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Name Type Department Description Leader
Name Type Department Description Leader
SS: Adult Quarterly Class Bible Class Adult Sabbath School The class leadership rotates on a weekly basis. This class studies the Bible in depth through the use and guidance of the Adult Sabbath School Quarterly used in the Seventh-Day Adventist Chruch around the world. The class is inspirational, Christ-centered and ecnourages lively discussion from all. All ages attend our class, young college students to senior citizens. If you like to just observe or enjoy acitvely participating, come join us Sabbath morning at 10am. Email Leader
SS: Along Life's Pathway Bible Class Adult Sabbath School This class is for those who wish to build relational connections and who want to experience personal growth and spiritual insight through a confidential group. Topics covered focus on understanding relationships and resolving problems the Biblical way. The class uses a book and DVD to aid in understanding and discussion. Class members of all ages enjoy hearing from each other about their struggles and growth while connecting with others on more than just an intellectual level. Potlucks, working on projects together and emails are some of the tools used in relationship building. Class members love to see other members establish healthy relationships through a closer connection with God and church life. Email Leader
SS: Preparing for the End of Time Bible Class Adult Sabbath School The aim of this class is to prepare for final events on planet earth, and to provide inspiration and encouragement through biblical teaching and music. Each class begins with prayer requests and prayer time. Class members no longer fear final events as they focus on Christ—not the crisis—while learning how to be ready for what is coming. People of all ages attend and also enjoy a group potluck every other month. Jeff Gates (DrPH) is experienced in public health research and currently works as a university professor in research methodology/statistics. He and his wife Caroline (a nurse practitioner), along with their three emerging adult children, are passionate about family, healthy lifestyle and integrative medicine, recreational activities in nature, and Bible study. Jud Lake, Th.D., D.Min., is Professor of Preaching and Adventist Studies in the School of Religion at Southern Adventist University, where he has taught since 1997. He is a contributor to the Ellen G. White Encyclopedia, and author of numerous articles on preaching and Ellen White studies, including the books Ellen White Under Fire (2010) and his newly released A Nation in God's Hands: The Civil War Visions of Ellen G. White (2017), both published by Pacific Press. He enjoys teaching the Bible and explaining Ellen White issues. with Dr. Jud Lake (1st & 3rd Sat) with Dr. Jeff Gates (2nd & 4th Sat) Email Leader
SS: Friendship Class Bible Class Adult Sabbath School Those who attend this class appreciate the opportunity to share their ideas, comments and ask questions in a non-threatening environment. The Friendship Class uses the adult Sabbath School Quarterly lessons. We open by hearing from other class members about how their week went and any praises or prayer requests. These are written down and shared with the class via email. Email Leader
SS: In the Word Bible Class Adult Sabbath School This class is a bible study for those of any age who desire to go where Jesus and the Holy Spirit leads. Each week a class Facilitator leads a study that is open to all for comments and learning. The more input from the class the better, as we journey deeper into the rich knowledge of the Bible. This class studies at the pace of the attendees. We have no time line and make it a point to stay in the Word and be led by the Holy Spirit. We hope that this class will spread the love and understanding of Jesus. Each week our aim is to fall deeper in love with Him. Email Leader
SS: Inductive Study In The Book of Romans Bible Class Adult Sabbath School Welcome to our Small Group, where we strive to create an environment of friendship, fellowship and trust as we study God's word, share thoughts and ideas from its narrative Email Leader
SS: Ladies SS Fellowship Bible Class Adult Sabbath School This class is especially offered for women who desire to find encouragement and support with the situations they face in life. The class is flexible enough for ladies to enjoy study of the lesson in the Sabbath School quarterly, or to merely share and pray for one another and praise God for His blessings. Come enjoy a period of rejuvenation, thought stimulation, and uplifting from the many responsibilities of life. Rhonda Atkins is a leader whose strong points are finding out what people's needs are and suggesting helps. She is a very welcoming person who loves people. RoseAnne Tsui loves to get to know people and gets right into studying the Bible. She leads out in the study time. A great group. As we pause for thoughts, experiences, things learned, and struggles. We bind our hearts in God's Word, as our friendships grow. Email Leader
SS: Life of Jesus Bible Class Adult Sabbath School This class currently is studying the life, contribution, and concerns of people in the Bible, focusing on a different person each week. All are invited to join in a lively discussion of many prominent people as their lives are portrayed in the Bible. This is a class that all can relate to and in which individuals can gain confidence in their own journey through life. This class anticipates transitioning to another topic shortly. Ken Defoor is in local business and Leon Mashchak is a retired religion teacher. Email Leader
SS: Spanish Speaking SS Class Bible Class Adult Sabbath School All Spanish-speaking individuals and those who would like to learn Spanish are encouraged to attend this class which is using the current Spanish Sabbath School Quarterly. The class meets for the comfort of the Spanish-speaking population and all those who would like to learn Spanish. Members seek to fellowship, understand scripture and build relationships within the body of God. Leading the class is Felicia Phillips, a dynamic experienced teacher, missionary, and committed Christian. Email Leader